Dave's Horseshoeing Service

  I am a Certified Farrier with the American Farriers Association and also a member of the Texas Professional Farriers Association. I live outside of Moody, TX and have been shoeing horses on and off for almost 30 years.

18 June 2018

Spring is here and I'm currently not taking new clients. I am working full time as a Flight Instructor. My clients are all within 25 miles of Moody Texas. Steady long term clients who would like quality service and have the proper facilities, lighting, shelter, well trained horses, etc. will be considered but my clientele is small and mostly older horses. I prefer trimming over shoeing but am equipped as necessary for emergencies. Weekends and some evenings are the only times I have available to trim. This Fall I will be trying to get in some trailriding somewhere with my sons. Although I try not work when I am on a trailride I realize that sometimes events overcome people and shoes are lost but I won't be doing full shoes just repairs. I usually have my tools and can take care of things wherever I am at. I live between Moody and McGregor, Texas so if you feel I am close enough to take care of your needs and my schedule works with yours please drop me a note and I will provide my numbers for you. I generally try and stay within 25 miles, map here of my home currently but will expand on that as my client base builds or as it warrants..

   If you need a Farrier you can E-Mail me at the address below. You can also go to this link and find one in your state NewHorse.com Farrier Listing . If you have shoeing questions please feel free to ask as I will give you the best answer I can or get a better opinion.

I will update this page as necessary.

Thanks, Dave

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at davidd@centexfarrier.net